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June 20, 2011
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Ryeowook stayed in bed the rest of the night, never falling asleep. Kyuhyun checked on him once or twice, all that could be seen was a jumbled web of the purple comforter and a lump that was visibly trembling. When he felt that it was most likely day he crawled out, and sure enough the sun was there with it's smile. Warming h is skin and drying his tears. It made him think of the American song he once heard.

Woke up this morning, smiled with the rising sun.Three little birds, pitch by my doorstep, singing sweet songs. Of melodies pure and true.
Sayin' : This is my message to you.

He hummed the tune as he got out of bed, he knew that he had to move on. He decided that it was good that Kyuhyun said he didn't love him anymore, he would've held on forever if he hadn't. He would always love Kyuhyun, he was his first love. But he would move on. It couldn't be that hard could it?

He walked downstairs into the kitchen where Kyuhyun sat, but someone else was with him. It was the girl from before. Ryeowook paused then decided to keep moving. He found an apple and sat down at the table with his book and began to read and eat.

"Oh! Annyeong! I though you left?"

Ryeowook looked over his book, "Nope, but I'm moving out soon"

"What?" Kyuhyun choked over his cereal.

"I'm moving out soon" Ryeowook repeated.

"Pfft. Where will you live?"

"Why is that any of your business?" Ryeowook snapped standing up. He went back upstairs and went straight into the bathroom. This forgetting thing could be harder than he thought, splashing water on his face. The first thing he did was call Yesung, he would live there for now if it was okay.

"Ryeowook! I was wondering how things went down? How are you?"

"Can I stay with you? Just until I find a cheap room!"

"Yeah, do you want help moving stuff over?"

"No, I don't have much I will be over by tonight"

"Alright, I will tell everyone"

"See ya later Sungie", and the line ended. Ryeowook left the bathroom and walked into the guest room to gather all the pictures he had left all over the floor. He sat for a while and looked through the pictures again. He put his face in his hands and closed his eyes. Could he really forget him?

"Pictures?" Ryeowook jumped, it was that girl. She walked into the room and Kyuhyun's eyes widened as he rushed in to stop her. Too late.

"Are these of you and-" She picked up the picture Yesung took of them a few months ago, they were at a club in the picture. They were kissing. She looked up at the two of them. Ryeowook looked like he could cry again, and Kyuhyun looked pissed. She looked down at Ryeowook who was still sitting. Without warning she collapsed next to him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know! I really didn't know! I promise!" she cried. Tears ran down her face as she realized she had helped Kyuhyun cheat on Ryeowook.

"If I had known I wouldn't have-" Ryeowook covered her mouth before she finished.

"It's fine, calm down" she nodded and he removed his hand and wiped her tears away with his fingers. He stood up and helped her to her feet. She smiled at Ryeowook.

He's so nice She thought.

"I'm going to go now" she apologized to Ryeowook one last time. Kyuhyun followed her out. Ryeowook put the rest of the pictures away in the box and stood up. As he picked the box up Kyuhyun ran in.

"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" he raged at the older man. He knocked the box from his hands, the pictures cascading across the floor.

"What?" Ryeowook asked scared.

"She broke up with me! You ruin everything"

"What have I ruined Kyuhyun?" Kyuhyun didn't answer.

"You've ruined more than I have"

"What have I done?"

"Everything, Kyuhyun, only you could go around ruining people's hearts like that! I would break up with you too"

"Then why didn't you?" he retorted.

"B-because I-I" he stuttered for an answer. Kyuhyun smirked and advanced towards him. Ryeowook tried to evade him but an arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him closer. Kyu let his lips brush Ryeowook's, then pull away.

"You didn't break up with me because you can't" he said. The younger let go of him and then walked out. Ryeowook fell to his knees, panting. He had been holding his breath. He swallowed his tears. He forgot about the pictures and ran downstairs to the living room where Kyuhyun was sitting.

"I can to break up with you!"

"Then do it"

"Fine, it's over between us Kyuhyun" Kyuhyun's eyes widened, he didn't think he would actually do it. Ryeowook spent the rest of the day packing his things. By nine o' clock he was ready to leave.

"You're really gonna leave?"

"Why wouldn't I?" he said as he waited for Yesung to get here. He turned away. He then saw Yesungs car coming down the street. As he looked back at Kyuhyun from the sidewalk he though to himself, I guess I'm not going to get my last Happy Memory.

"Wookie!" Yesung called getting out of the car. Ryeowook waved, and together they lifted his trunk and other bags to the car. Ryeowook opened the passenger door, he paused to glance back at his home.

"Hold on one second" Yesung nodded. Ryeowook was going to leave on good terms with Kyuhyun. He walked inside, the younger was already standing there.

"Bye Kyu, we'll see each other soon I bet"

"Yeah, probably" he said looking at him. Ryeowook burst into tears and without warning threw himself into Kyuhyun's chest. The taller boy was surprised and didn't move.

"Hug me please Kyuhyun, please let me leave like this, let me leave with something good to remember" Ryeowook rested his hands on Kyuhyun's chest. Kyuhyun obliged and put his arms around him. Ryeowook laid his head on his chest then took a deep breath and pushed away, and without another word he rushed back outside and into Yesung's car and they drove off.
Woot! Chapter 5! *does Ling dance* What will happen now!!!!

(Did anyone get the reference? Anyone)

:iconhellyeahplz: The End is near!

XD I love that Icon!

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BabyMario6394 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
/kicks Kyuhyun


Don't worry, Ryeowook. You'll feel better soon ;~~~;

But lolllll, Ling dance! XDDDDD
branmuffin7 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Student Writer
He will be much better soon! I promise! You've watched FMA?
BabyMario6394 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
I've seen a few episodes, and my friend who loves the show linked me to a youtube video of it a while ago XD
branmuffin7 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Student Writer
I havent seen all of it yet, but I love it still!
Kyaraa1 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't get the reference

And ya~y,
Kyu actually decided to have a little bit of heart at the end |Db
Even though for the most part he was a pissy, overconfident fag
......still xD;;

I'm glad you like the icon,
don't forget to spread it like I did to you!
branmuffin7 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Student Writer
okay! lol. Jeez. Harsh.

The reference is from FullMetal Alchemist, theres a character and he has his own little dance he does

here: [link]
Kyaraa1 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm a harsh person to people who are harsh!
If I'm not, who will?
(See how that works? IT FITS GDI >:U)

Oh, what fun 8D
//dances with
branmuffin7 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Student Writer
YES! :iconlingdanceplz: Go watch FMA it's great!
Kyaraa1 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm too lazy!
Maybe later! :u
branmuffin7 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Student Writer
LOL. :iconlazyplz:
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